Texas cartoon shooting attackers linked to ISIS terrorists

Texas cartoon shooting attackers linked to ISIS terrorists

An Islamic terrorist mass murder plot was stopped. A free speech event outside of Dallas, Texas was targeted by Muslim terrorists with possible links to ISIS. The event in Garland, Texas featured controversial cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. The suspects traveled from Phoenix, Arizona. Police searched the suspects residence in Phoenix in connection with the case. The suspects were armed with semi-automatic rifles and wore body armor.

The shooting is drawing comparisons to similiar attacks in other Western nations. Reuters reported:

The shooting incident in the Dallas suburb of Garland was an echo of past attacks or threats in other Western countries against images depicting the Prophet Mohammad. In January, gunmen killed 12 people in the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in what was said to be revenge for its cartoons.

The main difference between the Texas Mohammed cartoon drawing and the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, France over Mohammed cartoon drawings is that in America we have guns. Security for the event was worked out months in advance. The organization hosting the event paid an additional $10,000 for security to have the facility guarded by FBI and ATF officers, and local police. Both suspects were shot and killed by a traffic officer working after-hours as security for the event; he was armed with .45 caliber Glock handgun.

Texas cartoon shooting suspects

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the the attack. One of the suspects had declared loyalty to ISIS, and was convicted in 2011 of making a false statement involving international and domestic terrorism. He had planned to travel to Somalia to engage in “violent jihad”. Court records show he was sentenced to three years of probation. Prior to the attack in Texas, he tweeted “May Allah accept us as mujahideen.”

Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, who attended the event said: “We will  never allow barbarism. New leadership is required to defend freedom of speech.”

Analysis: Free Speech
Some are blaming the event sponsors for the deaths of the terrorists. This ignores personal responsibility for ones actions, and that being offended is no justification to murder other people. Nearly everyone in a free society could potentially be offended by someone else’s choices, words or actions. That’s the pricetag of our freedom: another’s liberty may not be our own liking. But in a civilized society, we don’t kill or condone killing of others simply because of being offended. No, the people responsible for the terrorists deaths are the terrorists themselves. It used to be that good guys cheered when the bad guys lost, instead of blaming the bad guys deaths on someone else. Failing to see it correctly as such is because of the infection of so-called “political correctness”, which is really merely an scheme by which certain types of thought and speech are sanctioned (as “correct”), while suppressing others. Thinking people who value liberty and freedom ought to reject the illogical, inane, and stunted thought sanctioned under so-called political correctness. We certainly should not make excuses for terrorists intent on murdering people who simply offend them with art or their words.

Analysis: Guns
Gun control France saw Muslim terrorists with fully automatic weapons kill a dozen people for being offensive (of note: Christians and Jews were also mocked by the Charlie Hebdo publication, but no Christians or Jews killed anyone or even threatened to). But in the United States, any law-abiding citizen can own a Glock .45 handgun, the same type of gun used to kill the Muslim terrorists in Texas. This is rightly called justifiable homicide. According to the FBI, there were 410 justifiable homicides by police in 2012, and another 310 by civilians. However, not all lawful defensive gun uses result in death: According to the CDC, guns are used for self-defense a minimum of 500,000 times per year. Obviously, most of these defensive gun uses do not result in justifiable homicide (like this one). The moral of the story is: The bad guys always find a way to get a gun, whether with fully automatic guns in gun control France, or with guns in gun control Chicago. Failing that, the determined find another way to hurt innocent people, sometimes with fertilizer bombs, sometimes with box cutters and commercial airliners. Making good people helpless, as in Paris, France, doesn’t make the bad guys harmless. But when people are armed for their self-defense, whether off-duty (or on duty) cops – or civilians, they can stop bad guys, often before lots of good people get hurt. In Texas, many lives were saved because a planned mass murder by Muslim terrorists was stopped by a good guy with a gun.


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  1. Why is this not plastered on main stream media? I just happened to find this article. Ha ha mainstream , you can run but you can not hide. What shame, for the mainstream not to play this on air as much as Sandy Hoax got played. The truth gets put on the side to make way for the fake stories to air so they, YEAH THE GOVERNMENT , can TRY to take our guns!! They got to run and hide when the GOOD GUYS SHOW WHAT IT MEANS TO REALLY SAVE LIVES!!!! Thank God for the good old guys!!!


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