Sheriff David Clarke Jr: Firearms, in the Hands of Law-abiding Citizens, Save Lives

Sheriff David Clarke Jr: Firearms, in the Hands of Law-abiding Citizens, Save Lives

INDIANAPOLIS, April 25 —  Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke Jr. delivered a rousing speech at the 2014 NRA annual meeting, stating that firearms, in the hands of law-abiding citizens, save people’s lives.

Clarke made controversial national headlines last year when he told residents of his county that calling 911 might not be effective, and advised them to take gun training courses for self-defense in the wake of law enforcement layoffs. His speech at the annual NRA meeting cited several incidents in which guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens saved their own, or a complete strangers, life.

Clarke said “The armed citizen made America free, and the armed citizen will keep America free!” Noting frustration at lawlessness, and honest people’s fear to be safe in their residences, property and neighborhoods, he said:

“As a career cop of 35 years, I got tired of seeing good people like you being raped or having guns stuck up against your heads, and your property taken. I got tired of seeing law-abiding people having their homes broken into, their cars stolen, being intimidated by thugs and gangs, and being prisoners in their own homes – afraid to go outside or  let their kids play in front of their house, because their neighborhoods were under control of the criminal element.”

Clarke decided to “partner” with law-abiding citizens to “go on the offensive against the criminal element”, adding that to do so, people needed “the tools guaranteed under the Second Amendment.” Clarke went on to say that as a law enforcement officer, he calls “the law-abiding citizen the great equalizer,” and that he “trusts the law-abiding armed citizen.”

Clarke recounted several stories from his county where people used firearms to save lives. He told the story of a maintenance worker simply doing his job who was being “savagely beaten” by 3 suspects, one of which wielded a club. Clarke said the maintenance worker later told him he thought  “he was going to die.” Fearing for his life, he pulled his handgun and fired twice, “killing two of the suspects, and saving his own life.”

In another incident, three masked men, one armed with a gun, “burst into a tavern, told the patrons to get down on the floor, and announced a hold-up.” The bar owner grabbed his own firearm from behind the bar, and killed one of the hold-up men. “The other two fled, like the cowards that they were.”

In a third incident, a good Samaritan driving home from work stopped to aid a woman who was being “violently beaten on a sidewalk by a man.” The good samaritan stopped his car, and told the suspect to stop beating the woman. The suspect charged the good samaritan, who pulled his gun from his holster, halting the suspect. “The suspect stopped his advance, and fled like the coward he was.”

Clarke wrapped up these stories by stating: “Those firearms, in the hands of  law-abiding citizens, saved people’s lives.” Clarke concluded by calling on citizens to join pro-gun groups, saying “We’re partners now.” He also warned them that the fight to defend the Second Amendment will be a tough, never-ending one.

You can watch the speech in its entirety below via The Right Scoop:



This article was originally published on Brenner Brief. Original publish date May 1, 2014. Original author, Matt MacBradaigh.

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