Homeowner fends off three criminals in home invasion in Santa Rosa, CA

Homeowner fends off three criminals in home invasion in Santa Rosa, CA

February 23, 2015, SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Another instance where an armed good guy with a gun defended their own life from multiple bad guys. One of the criminals died, another was shot and injured and in custody at a local Santa Rosa, CA hospital, and a third apprehended.

The story from local 4 KRON news in Santa Rosa:

One suspect is dead and two others are in custody after a gun battle in Santa Rosa Monday morning, police said.

Police say officers were called to a home on Acacia Lane at 12:49 a.m. after hearing reports of a home invasion robbery.  According to the victim, three armed men tried to force their way into the home.  The victim then fired several shots at the suspects, hitting two of them.

The men then got into a car and fled the scene.

About an hour later, Sonoma County Sherrif’s deputies found the car that matched the suspect’s vehicle description at the Kaiser Hospital parking lot in Santa Rosa.

According to authorities, deputies tired to conduct a high risk felony stop on the car.  When the suspects refused to get out of the car, deputies deployed 40 mm chemical agent rounds into the vehicle.

When deputies approached the car, they found that two of the suspects were suffering from gunshot wounds.

One of the the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other was transported to the hospital.  There is no word on the condition of the suspect.

A third suspect was arrested and taken into custody. The incident remains under investigation.

Contrary to Bloomberg paid mouth-pieces like Shannon Watts who try to make it seem that good guys don’t use guns to defend themselves, the CDC says that stories like one – where an innocent person was victimized by three criminals did just that – occur at least 500,000 times per year. Any and every incident of misuse by guns is exploited by the anti-gun rights crowd – in fact even gun accidents are exploited by them – but the other side, the side you rarely hear about is that average people use guns every day to protect themselves. It turns out, that side is much, much bigger than the misuses and accidents. Ignoring this very real aspect of the debate is a great disservice to American citizens everywhere. The anti-gun rights lobby is paid to make it seem like guns are solely, or primarily, a great danger to people, when in fact, they are used to save lives vastly more often than they are used to criminally take life.



Sheriff David Clarke Jr: Firearms, in the Hands of Law-abiding Citizens, Save Lives

Sheriff David Clarke Jr: Firearms, in the Hands of Law-abiding Citizens, Save Lives

INDIANAPOLIS, April 25 —  Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke Jr. delivered a rousing speech at the 2014 NRA annual meeting, stating that firearms, in the hands of law-abiding citizens, save people’s lives.

Clarke made controversial national headlines last year when he told residents of his county that calling 911 might not be effective, and advised them to take gun training courses for self-defense in the wake of law enforcement layoffs. His speech at the annual NRA meeting cited several incidents in which guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens saved their own, or a complete strangers, life.

Clarke said “The armed citizen made America free, and the armed citizen will keep America free!” Noting frustration at lawlessness, and honest people’s fear to be safe in their residences, property and neighborhoods, he said:

“As a career cop of 35 years, I got tired of seeing good people like you being raped or having guns stuck up against your heads, and your property taken. I got tired of seeing law-abiding people having their homes broken into, their cars stolen, being intimidated by thugs and gangs, and being prisoners in their own homes – afraid to go outside or  let their kids play in front of their house, because their neighborhoods were under control of the criminal element.”

Clarke decided to “partner” with law-abiding citizens to “go on the offensive against the criminal element”, adding that to do so, people needed “the tools guaranteed under the Second Amendment.” Clarke went on to say that as a law enforcement officer, he calls “the law-abiding citizen the great equalizer,” and that he “trusts the law-abiding armed citizen.”

Clarke recounted several stories from his county where people used firearms to save lives. He told the story of a maintenance worker simply doing his job who was being “savagely beaten” by 3 suspects, one of which wielded a club. Clarke said the maintenance worker later told him he thought  “he was going to die.” Fearing for his life, he pulled his handgun and fired twice, “killing two of the suspects, and saving his own life.”

In another incident, three masked men, one armed with a gun, “burst into a tavern, told the patrons to get down on the floor, and announced a hold-up.” The bar owner grabbed his own firearm from behind the bar, and killed one of the hold-up men. “The other two fled, like the cowards that they were.”

In a third incident, a good Samaritan driving home from work stopped to aid a woman who was being “violently beaten on a sidewalk by a man.” The good samaritan stopped his car, and told the suspect to stop beating the woman. The suspect charged the good samaritan, who pulled his gun from his holster, halting the suspect. “The suspect stopped his advance, and fled like the coward he was.”

Clarke wrapped up these stories by stating: “Those firearms, in the hands of  law-abiding citizens, saved people’s lives.” Clarke concluded by calling on citizens to join pro-gun groups, saying “We’re partners now.” He also warned them that the fight to defend the Second Amendment will be a tough, never-ending one.

You can watch the speech in its entirety below via The Right Scoop:



This article was originally published on Brenner Brief. Original publish date May 1, 2014. Original author, Matt MacBradaigh.

Meet Three Women Who Used Guns to Defend Themselves in the homes

Meet Three Women Who Used Guns to Defend Themselves in the homes

What women have to say about guns and gun control has been in the spotlight since the Sandy Hook shooting. Phony so-called grassroots anti-gun rights organizations funded by activist billionaires, and real grassroots organizations of moms for gun rights and safety – such as 1MMAGC – have weighed in on what actually makes us safer.

Here are three examples in which women used guns to protect themselves in the sanctity of their homes. In each of these incidents, the woman was home alone and faced a male perpetrator. In each incident, she came out on top because she had a gun.

Duluth, GA. — An intruder who was shot and killed after a confrontation with a woman in her shower was likely stalking her for days and may have had other victims, police said.  The 53-year-old woman, who is a school counselor, was alone. “The male was armed with a kitchen knife, (and) a struggle ensued between the two of them,” a police spokesman said.

The woman tried to fight the man off with a shower rod, and he forced her into her bedroom. She grabbed a .22-caliber handgun and shot the man nine times. Police said the man ran out a back door and collapsed in the yard. He later died at a local medical center. Police said the shooting appeared to be justified, and that she acted in self-defense. There are no plans to charge her.

Houston, TX — A teenage girl who was home alone says she was prepared to shoot when someone tried breaking into her family home. At approximately 3:30 p.m., the perpetrator tried cracking the code to her electronic front door lock. From the inside, the 17-year-old girl heard the alarm and went straight for her dad’s Glock 19 handgun. She was trained by her dad to use it. Fortunately, the alarm scared the would-be intruder away. As word spread about the home invasion attempt, neighbors say they’re getting their guns ready too.

Glenville, PA —  A man who kicked in the front door of a York County home found a woman waiting for him with her handgun at the ready, according to police.  The 31-year-old woman was alone when she heard someone trying to force their way inside. She grabbed a handgun that she trains with on a regular basis, police said.

When the man eventually kicked in her front door and entered the home, the woman leveled the gun and told the intruder not to come any closer.  He obeyed her order and was found on the front porch of a neighbor’s home when an officer arrived minutes later. Police said he may have been intoxicated.

Some anti-gun rights groups have attempted to scare women from having guns, wrongly stating that a gun is more likely to be used on them, or in a suicide. But as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. recently said, “firearms, in the hands of  law-abiding citizens, saved people’s lives.” Research shows that the sheriff – and not the anti-gun nuts – is correct.

The CDC reports that there are approximately 20,000 suicides committed with a gun each year. However, the CDC, in a report prepared by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council, also states that guns are used for lawful defensive purposes at least a half million times each year:

defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than three million per year.

These women’s stories are the real-life illustrations of exactly such defensive gun use. Clever signs and social media #hashtags don’t stop bad guys – a person holding a gun does. Smart women know they can defend themselves if they are the ones holding the gun, and that a woman who knows how to use her gun makes actual “#gunsense”.


This article was originally published on The Brenner Brief. Original author, Matt MacBradaigh. Original publish date May 19, 2013.

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